Are you a Queensland Licensed Electrical Contractor?

We are fully qualified, licensed and insured here in Queensland.

Are you insured?

Yes we hold a $20,000,000 public liability insurance policy and a current Queensland Electrical Contractors license

What is a transformer?

A transformer is an electrical device that takes electricity of one voltage and changes it into another voltage. In Australia the common household voltage is 240V which is stepped down to either 36V, 32V, 24V, 22V or 12V

How long do LED pool lights last?

Up to 70,000 hours

How long do halogen pool lights last?

Up to 12,000 hours

What is the most energy efficient pool light type?

An LED light will operate on 15% of the electrical power of a halogen light.

Do I need to drain my pool to replace the light?

No, in 95% of cases we are able to replace the light without draining or getting in to the pool.

What is the voltage of a pool light?

LED pool lights come in a several different voltages (36V, 32V, 24V, 22V and 12V)

What is the price to inspect a pool light and diagnose the fault?

We offer a fixed rate of $150 to attend and diagnose where exactly in the electrical installation the fault lies, whether it be the switch, cabling, transformer, power outlet or the light itself.

What is the price to replace a pool light?

A standard pool light replacement is anywhere from $200 to $350 depending on variables which will be discussed on inspection. Please also see Our Store

Do you do other electrical work apart from pool lighting?

Yes we do, we are a fully licensed & insured business and can offer various electrical services.

What is your hourly rate & call out?

We offer a fixed rate of $150 to attend which includes travel & the first 30 minutes of labour.

Can you install a standard power outlet for my chlorinator?

Yes we most certainly can, this is a common request since Energex have allowed a GPO to be installed on a Tariff 33 controlled circuit. This involves installing a weatherproof GPO in place of the hard wired connection and fitting a 3 pin plug to the formerly hard wired lead on your chlorinator.

What are the two different types of pool light mountings?

1. Flush Mounted Lights A flush mounted light is installed inside the wall of the pool in a recess sometimes called a niche. The exterior of the light is normally flush with the pool wall or very low profile.

2. Surface Mounted Lights A surface mounted light is mounted on the surface of the pool wall rather than inside a cavity in the wall of the pool. These lights protrude far more than flush mounted lights do. However, it’s far easier to replace existing pool lights with surface mounted lights.

Pool Light Transformers & Voltages – What does this mean?

For safety, pool lights use a much lower voltage than your house supply. To lower the voltage, a transformer is used. It’s normally located with the pool equipment or inside the wall near the light switch for your pool light.

LED pool lights come in a several different voltages (36V, 32V, 24V, 22V and 12V). For most pool lights, you need to make sure the transformer’s voltage matches the light.

Some of the new LED pool lights are equipped internally to use any of these voltages – often called auto voltage detection. In this case, you can use your existing transformer (Provided the wattage is enough – which it normally will be if you’re upgrading from halogen. The wattage specifications will be on the existing transformer and in the instructions of the new light.).

If your new LED light doesn’t auto-detect the voltage and the voltage of the transformer you have varies from what’s needed, then you’ll need to replace the transformer.

Which is Brighter, Halogen or LED?

There’s no straight answer for this question. It depends on many factors. A lot of LED lights are just as bright as halogen these days.

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